How to paint knotty pine and concrete

Preparing surface and choosing the right product

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Q: I have a house with a lot of knotty pine paneling and cabinets that I'd like to update. What are the steps I need to take to paint them? -- Jean K. A: To get the knotty pine ready for painting will require a couple of steps. First, to remove surface grease and dirt wash the paneling with a solution of warm water and TSP (available at any home center or paint store – follow the mixing directions on the package). If the paneling has a glossy finish on it, it should next be lightly sanded to rough up the surface so that the paint will stick. The knots are the next issue to deal with, and what you do depends on the type of look you're going for. Untreated, the knots will bleed through a layer of paint, which may or may not be okay. If you want to do a whitewash effect, with the knots showing through somewhat, then a single layer of a wash paint or a thinned down latex is all you need to do. You might want to experiment on a scrap board or in a closet to see what the final look wil...