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Protecting online real estate data

Company launches MLS token password system

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A token that can be carried on a real estate agent's key chain may be one key to increased security for multiple listing services and other online real estate services in the wake of increasing concerns about online data security. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that 10 million Americans fall victim to identity theft each year, costing consumers and businesses more than $55 billion per year. Identity theft is the most frequent complaint to the FTC from all 50 states, with the number of complaints having grown for the fourth consecutive year. Nightmare scenarios such as online hackers accessing real estate clients' home alarm system codes and specifics on when homeowners are away are a possibility with today's MLS databases, which contain such information. Increased security can prevent consumers' sensitive information from being accessed improperly. It can also help MLSs save money because everyone using their systems must pay to do so, instead of using others' passwords ...