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Schools, communities top real estate search criteria

Early data shows top 25 most searched cities

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Schools and community information are the most popular neighborhood search criteria for consumers searching for homes, and Seattle, Dallas and Los Angeles topped the list of most searched cities, according to early data from HomePages, a new real estate portal from HouseValues. Consumers are actively searching homes for sale and recently sold homes, and the most searched neighborhood information includes schools (school districts and school locations) and communities - including crime statistics, weather information, and population and household details, HomePages said today. Thirty-nine percent of consumer surveyed ranked "safety" as the number one factor when selecting a neighborhood, followed by 15 percent who ranked schools first, according to an August 2005 Kelton Research survey of 800 consumers. Of those polled with school-aged children, good schools were the single most important factor in a potential neighborhood, and these consumers value schools six times more than the ...