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Homes ripe for haunting

Part 1: Haunted real estate stories

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Editor's note: This four-part series delves into the realm of haunted houses, examining tales of home hauntings that seem to live on forever in film and paperbacks and how they affect real estate. Every scary Halloween story inevitably involves a house, and usually one with a sordid past. This series offers a practical look at the commonalities, overlooked facts in famous stories, and disclosure issues that haunted-home sellers face. (See Part 2: Dead movie stars return home for another 'curtain call'; Part 3: Amityville: Haunted house or horrendous hoax? and Part 4: Real-life issues of haunted homes.) Rita Chambers of West Los Angeles vividly remembers the first time she was visited by the spirit of her late father. "It was just a few days after the funeral, and I had been thinking about him constantly," says Chambers, who now lives in the same home that her dad, William, owned until he died from heart failure in 1980. "I heard some banging in the laundry room, so I went to check it ...