Beware of last-minute real estate transaction fees

Profits go to brokers, not agents

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DEAR BOB: As a Realtor, I am annoyed by your constant put-down of real estate agents and brokers, especially regarding unnecessary junk fees, as you call them. It seems all right with you for the public to negotiate the sales commissions charged to sell their properties. Sellers offer us 3.5 percent or 4 percent. "If you don't take it, the next agent will," seems to be their thinking. Why then can't my agents attempt to recapture some of that lost revenue by negotiating a transaction fee or administration fee? Stop trying to make us agents the bad guys. My agents go on a listing appointment and are confronted by sellers who saw your article. Thanks for the help – Peter M. DEAR PETER: I have nothing but the highest respect for real estate sales agents and brokers. Personally, I've been a licensed broker for 38 years (although I no longer list and sell properties). Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. In the last few years, some brokerage managers have instructed their sales agent...