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National referral network centers on community Web sites

E-Partner gives brokers all online consumers for a state

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SAN FRANCISCO – A new Arizona-based company has launched a private national referral network for real estate brokers that enables brokers to funnel online consumers from search engines to agents they work with throughout their states. E-Partner has created a network of community-based Web sites for every major city in every state, according to Gary Fisher, vice president of network services. Brokers buy the exclusive rights to a state, and they receive all the online consumer inquiries coming into that state. What the brokers do with the leads is entirely up to them, according to Fisher, who explained the company's business model during the National Association of Realtors convention here this weekend. Typically, they would set up a system to funnel them off to their agents in respective cities throughout the state. Fisher said they can either operate the state network themselves or license out the individual cities to agents. E-Partner's network of Web sites includes 26,000 city...