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Real-life issues of haunted homes

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Editor's note: This four-part series delves into the realm of haunted houses, examining tales of home hauntings that seem to live on forever in film and paperbacks and how they affect real estate. Every scary Halloween story inevitably involves a house, and usually one with a sordid past. This series offers a practical look at the commonalities, overlooked facts in famous stories, and disclosure issues that haunted-home sellers face. (See Part 1: Homes ripe for haunting; Part 2: Dead movie stars return home for another 'curtain call' and Part 3: Amityville: Haunted house or horrendous hoax?) It seems that nearly everyone likes a good story about a haunted house. Living in one, however, raises a host of practical and more down-to-Earth issues. How do you know if your house is really haunted? If it is, how do you get rid of an unwanted spirit? And when you eventually decide to sell, are you legally required to tell the buyer that there's a ghost in the garage, a demon in the den, or a p...