Does lease-option require renter to pay for repairs?

Home seller might be asking for too much

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DEAR BOB: Someone is buying my home on a rent-with-option-to-buy condition. She will forfeit $30,000 if she does not go through with the purchase at the end of the lease. I am asking her to pay the property tax and insurance while leasing. Can I also ask her to take care of any repairs while she leases? – Maria F. DEAR MARIA: Yes, you can ask whatever you want. Whether the tenant-buyer will agree to pay the repair costs during the lease-option period is up to her to decide. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. What if the roof starts leaking? Would it be fair to ask your lease-option tenant to pay for an entire new roof? As a frequent user of lease-options, both as a buyer and seller, only once as a buyer have I agreed to pay for the seller's repairs. That was a 15-year lease-option at a fixed purchase price so I didn't mind paying all the expenses. As it turned out, I had to install a new roof. But the situation was such a bargain, I still had a good deal. VACATION HOMES DON...