Single-family homes best spot to sink money

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There are many methods to become very wealthy, or just modestly wealthy, with your real estate investments. Although I have personally done "pretty good" investing in real estate, many of my friends, college real estate students and subscribers have done much better. I'm extremely happy for them! This four-part series will explore the question: Why do I want to invest in real estate? (See Part 1: First-timers find a place to call home; Part 3: Fast real estate profits require elbow grease and Part 4: Successful realty investors think 'long-term.') 2 – I want to earn huge profits from appreciation in property market value. This is the primary reason many investors get started investing in real estate today. Big fortunes have been earned acquiring rental property, which is not the investor's principal residence. But in some areas, especially Las Vegas, real estate speculators have driven up property prices more than 40 percent in 2004. That rapid appreciation rate won't contin...