How to prevent home seller’s remorse

Backing out of deal brings legal consequences

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Have you ever sold a house or condominium you later regretted selling? I have. Looking back, I wish I still owned some of the houses and condos I sold. This situation is known in the real estate sales business as "seller's remorse." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. It occurs quite frequently, usually within a day or two after a home seller accepts a buyer's purchase offer. But smart listing agents are prepared to anticipate and successfully treat this widespread home seller disease. THE BEST WAY TO PREVENT HOME SELLER'S REMORSE. The decision to sell a home is rarely made in haste. The seller(s) usually think about it for many weeks and months before deciding to sell. Real estate agents often play a key role, when taking a listing of a house or condo for sale, in determining the seller's strong or weak sales motivations. Even when the seller's motivation is strong, such as moving to a new city because of a job transfer or moving to a nicer home, there is still the possibility...