Will refinance lessen homeowner’s real estate tax deduction?

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DEAR BOB: I own a townhouse condo that I bought in 1993 with a 6.5 percent interest rate, 30-year FHA mortgage. My monthly FHA mortgage insurance fee is $47. My purchase price was $130,000. Today, the condo is worth around $380,000. I have never seriously considered refinancing, although my lender periodically sends me advertisements about no-closing-cost refinances for 15 or 30 years. The interest rate would be slightly lower than my current interest rate for 15 years with a slightly higher monthly payment, but I would avoid that unnecessary $47 FHA fee. One of the reasons I am holding back is because I would be paying less interest, thus having less to deduct on my income tax. However, I would be taking about five years off the mortgage. Is such a refinance a good idea? -- Susan P. DEAR SUSAN: Let me get this straight. You have not refinanced to save interest and shorten the life of your mortgage by about five years because you enjoy paying higher interest, that non-deductible $47 F...