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Cell phones become maps, info sources for home seekers

Part 3: Latest in mobile technology for real estate

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Editor's note: Real estate agents are depending more and more on mobile technology, with many devices and services offering much more than the ability to make a phone call or write an e-mail while out in the field. Agents today can pull up home listings data, store reams of information and even create a listing using a mobile device. In this three-part series, we uncovered new innovation in mobile technologies and services for the real estate industry, as well as new real estate uses for devices that have been around for awhile. (See Part 1: Agents find novel real estate uses for Blackberries and Part 2: Phoning in your real estate listing.) A Federal Emergency Management Agency agent in New Orleans standing in front of a totally destroyed home turns on her cell phone and clicks an icon. The home's address flashes on the screen, and the agent quickly finds the property owner's name. This scenario is possible thanks to Smarter Agent, a company whose technology makes real estate li...