Why do repeat refinancings require new title insurance?

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DEAR BOB: Is it necessary to pay for title insurance each time we refinance our home mortgage? We recently refinanced and the attorney who processed the transaction charged us for title insurance to benefit the lender. He said our original owner's title insurance still covers us. Is this another mortgage lender rip-off? – Cathy H. DEAR CATHY: No. Every mortgage lender I've encountered required a new lender's title insurance policy when refinancing. The reason is because you might have incurred liens against your home, such as unpaid property taxes, judgments, income taxes and others. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. A few lenders will absorb the cost of lender's title insurance by charging a higher-than-normal interest rate. But borrowers are usually better off paying for the lender's title insurance. However, virtually all of home equity lenders are so eager to make those very profitable loans they will usually absorb the closing costs, including lender's title insurance....