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‘Open House’ mixes sex, love, jewels and real estate

Musical comedy about home search debuts on DVD

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It's Sunday and there's an open house in the neighborhood. A real estate agent sets up shop to greet prospective home buyers. Couples trickle in and start exploring the upstairs and downstairs. And then a round of bidding begins. Sounds typical of many realty agents' Sunday afternoons, that is until you add a jewel thief, realize that one of the couples has had sex in the house, the real estate agent is not really a real estate agent, and many of the conversations are actually songs. That's the setup for "Open House," a musical comedy about the common act of finding a dream home. The film, written and directed by Dan Mirvish, is out on DVD today by Wellspring Media. Mirvish describes the plot in a nutshell: "A diverse group of home buyers goes to a series of open houses on a Sunday afternoon. They're basically all on the search for love, a bag of jewels and a two-story Spanish colonial." The story climaxes with a bidding war for one of the homes. The film is Mirvish's second feature a...