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FEMA’s timetable for housing hurricane evacuees criticized

Current plan transitions victims from hotels to apartments by Dec. 1

The National Multi Housing Council, a trade association representing apartment firms, today announced that it generally supports the Federal Emergency Management Agency's plan to transition all remaining hurricane evacuees to apartments by Dec. 1, though "there are still a lot of technical issues that need clarification if that goal is to be achieved," according to an announcement today. Jim Arbury, senior vice president of government affairs for the council, said in a statement, "We are particularly concerned that FEMA's timetable may be overly aggressive, particularly its notification that it will not enter into any new apartment leases under Section 403 FEMA-funded voucher programs after Dec. 1. Since some of these voucher programs just began this week, such as in Dallas, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to secure executed leases for all the eligible families in slightly over two weeks –- including a long holiday weekend." He added, "Providing the evacuees homes in...