Pros and cons of ‘flipping’ real estate

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Every property is a "flipper" or a "keeper." If you are not familiar with those real estate terms, a "flipper" is a property that is bought for a quick resale profit, usually in less than six months. But a "keeper" is a property held for at least a year, often for many years. Most houses and condos are keepers. Their owners plan to own them for many years. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. But some properties are ideal for fast resale profits. For example, if you buy a foreclosure property at a bargain price, it can often be "flipped" (meaning sold) to another buyer for a handsome profit within a few days or weeks. Flippers are especially attractive to beginner real estate investors who want to quickly build up their "cash stash" from profits of buying low and reselling higher. There's nothing wrong, illegal or unethical by earning fast resale profits. However, sometimes a property that looks like a quick easy resale at a large profit turns out otherwise. To illustrate, I have...