How to make money on real estate foreclosures

New book called 'brilliant,' with some 'misleading' parts

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Reviewing "How to Make Money on Foreclosures" by attorney Denise L. Evans is a book reviewer's nightmare because portions are brilliant, but other sections are downright wrong or at least misleading. In other words, the book is "uneven." For example, although I've been investing in real estate many years, I learned neighborhood convenience stores such as 7-Eleven or Circle K can be depreciated over just 15 years rather than 27.5 years for residence rentals and 39 years for commercial properties. That's a big advantage. However, the book also says a residence appraisal might take two months and cost $1,000. I'd like to know where the appraisal situation is that bad. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The author, an attorney who has practiced in Texas and Alabama, is obviously very savvy about foreclosure procedures. But some of her recommendations could get foreclosure buyers into deep trouble. To illustrate, she suggests buyers of distressed properties offer the defaulting seller a le...