Upgrading, replacing smoke alarms minimizes hazards

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Dear Barry, We are currently remodeling our home and would like to upgrade the smoke alarm system to comply with current fire safety standards. This may not be required for an older home, but we'd like to do it anyway. Additionally, we want to install carbon monoxide detectors. What can you tell us regarding these upgrades? - Raymond Dear Raymond, Retrofitting a modern smoke alarm system in an older home can become quite involved, since current standards require the interconnection of all alarms. This means that a network of wires will be needed, enabling each smoke alarm to activate the other alarms in your home. If smoke is detected by one fixture, then each component of the system should sound the alarm. Required locations for smoke detectors in a single-family dwelling include one in each bedroom, one outside of each separate sleeping area, and at least one on each additional story of the dwelling, including basements and cellars. In most locales, alarms are not required in sub-are...