Massive ant invasion pits tenants against landlord

Exterminator fees at center of controversy

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Question: My girlfriend and I recently began renting a nice home. About a month after living here, ants began to invade. They started in the kitchen, and then appeared in the bedroom, living room and bathroom. I have found them on the outside of the house as well. We keep the house looking nice and clean. We have tried to get rid of them with over-the-counter ant killers, but with this many, we really need an exterminator. We notified our landlords about the problem, but they do not want to pay for an exterminator. With an ant problem this bad, should this be our responsibility? Tenants' attorney Kellman replies: Ants may not be smart but they are persistent and somewhat predictable. They spend their days either looking for food sources or hiding from significant changes in the weather. The trouble is that they do these things in our homes. Obviously, if you keep food exposed, especially sweet items, they will find it. Then they will tell all their friends and you will have ant colonie...