Dryer venting a serious necessity

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Most people know there's a pipe on the back of their clothes dryer, and that it needs to be connected to the vent pipe that's coming through the wall or floor in their utility rooms. The common solution is to grab a piece of flexible plastic hose from the home center, stick it between the two pipes, slide the dryer in place, and forget about it. But venting a clothes dryer is a lot more than that, and it's something that needs to be taken a lot more seriously then it typically is. There are two basic reasons why a clothes dryer needs to be vented. As heat in the dryer dries the wet clothes, two things are released into the air--moisture, and fine fabric lint. Both need to be dealt with properly to avoid some serious potential problems. Like the moisture generated in your kitchen or bathroom, that warm, wet air has to go somewhere. If it's allowed to just sit in the room, or if it's vented into the attic or the crawlspace, it can cause problems ranging from health issues to mold to stru...