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Los Angeles sports most green building savvy

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Local market factors are decisive in determining how much traction green buildings truly have, according to a survey from the Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, and there's a wide variance in the understanding and acceptance of green buildings throughout the United States. Los Angeles topped a list of markets where green building issues are well understood and a corporate objective, according to the survey of architects, engineers, designers, facilities managers, building owners, developers and contractors. Green buildings are built with environmentally friendly materials that aim to increase energy efficiency, among other things. Overall, 35 percent of those responding said, "green building issues are well understood, and are a corporate objective." Los Angeles was at the top of the list at 56 percent, while the Chicago suburbs ranked at the bottom at 5 percent. Seattle at 53 percent is a close second to Los Angeles; followed by Washington, D.C., at 48 percent; Pho...