When is it advisable to sell your home ‘as is’?

Transaction has pros, cons for consumers

DEAR BOB: When is it advisable to sell your home "as is?" – Alta F. DEAR ALTA: That's the shortest real estate question -- and one of the best -- I have ever received. I wish the answer could be so brief. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. An "as is" real estate sale means the seller will not pay for any property repairs but must disclose all known defects. Many sellers of older homes sell "as is" because they (a) don't want to be inconvenienced with repairs or renovations, (b) realize the buyer may want to tear down the house or remodel to their own preferences, and/or (c) can't afford to make repairs. Personally, I learned about "as is" home sales when I purchased a foreclosure house from a bank. The realty agent marketing the residence emphasized the sale was "as is" and the bank wouldn't pay for any repairs. But the price was such a bargain I was "blindsided" and failed to notice all the items that needed repair or replacement. Fortunately, I had plans to renovate the proper...