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MLS technology polices property listings errors

Solid Earth add-on runs real-time checks of listing data

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A technology provider for real estate multiple listing services has ramped up its system to monitor rules violations and notify MLS staff when there's a problem with property listing data. Solid Earth has enhanced its List-It MLS system with "Citation Manager," which performs data validation and rules enforcement automatically, without having to have a staff person oversee each step of the process. The Citation Manager runs real-time checks of listing data for violations, irregularities and incorrect information. Examples include bad dates, missing photos, MLS area validation, status change issues and information that should not be included in remarks sections such as phone numbers and "call first" instructions. If missing, erroneous or extraneous information is found, the listing is flagged for the MLS Staff and e-mails are automatically generated notifying the offending agent, their broker and/or an office manager that a correction is required. Notification e-mails indicate the spe...