Getting the most out of your second-home investment

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If the recent downfall of snow has you running to the slopes (or to a plane en route to warmer weather) don't get carried away with the first possibilities of a recreational investment. Yes, there very well could be more potential rental days for cozy chalets near ski hills this year, but do the research before you take the leap to become a landlord. There are certain basics to consider if you are going to make the most of your second-home investment. It's easy to lose money on an emotional whim. Powder snow and picturesque mountains have ways of working wonders on the mind during a long weekend to "just check out the opportunity." Lots of people can lose money in real estate -- even in appreciating locales -- so try and do the most to protect your hard-earned cash. Making a profit anywhere -- stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, sales -- requires basic understanding and research. Regardless of what you see on television, there is no secret sauce that will absolutely guarantee big...