Removing asbestos siding reveals ‘hole’ new problem

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Q: Help! I have a huge mess on my hands. Last month I had my roof redone--a complete tear-off. Then, I decided to have the asbestos siding removed. Now I realize I've opened a big can of worms. Of all the articles you've written, and I've saved, I can't find one on the correct material to fill the hundreds of nail holes that now cover my house. The first paint store I went to said to use exterior spackling paste, but my neighbors say that stuff will harden and pop out of the holes and that it won't expand or contract with the wood. The second paint store sold me painters' acrylic latex caulk. Now, the two painters who are supposed to be sending me estimates told me the caulk was junk, and that they would use elastomeric patch. What's that? One also mentioned using Bondo on the big gaps. I hope to save a few bucks by starting the nail pulling and by filling some of the holes myself. Any advice would be much appreciated. A: Thirty years ago, Kevin started his journey in renovation as ...