New book helps decode real estate purchase contracts

Valuable sections include lead paint, handling deposits

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Although I've been reading and reviewing one real estate book each week for over 25 years, I've never encountered such a unique book and CD-ROM as "The Complete Book of Real Estate Contracts" by attorney Mark Warda. The book's theme is to educate home buyers, sellers, and realty agents about the pros and cons of the typical clauses found in home purchase contracts. The book includes a CD-ROM so readers can "fill in the blanks" for their own home sale based on the book's explanations. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Although readers can use the home sales contracts found in the book and CD-ROM, it might be smart to use the forms used by local realty sales agents instead, because local forms won't encounter seller and agent resistance. However, the big value of this unusual book is the explanations of typical home sales contracts from the viewpoint of the parties. For example, the federally required lead-based-paint clause includes three options: (1) seller warrants the property is f...