A look back at 2005’s biggest real estate news

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What stories brought the most interest from all sectors of the real estate community in 2005? The devastation of Hurricane Katrina clearly was the leader in more than the real estate category. Thousands of residents losing their loved ones, homes, jobs and dreams became reality for one of the more popular areas of the country. Scores of Gulf Coast people continue to live in hotel rooms and trailers. The uncertainty of how, when, and where to rebuild will continue for countless months for many families. May the spirit of the Christmas season bring renewed hope to all hurricane victims. Certainly rising interest rates made news this year. The prospect of higher home-loan payments began to slow sales--and investor speculation--in many markets. When monthly mortgage costs leap to levels that cannot be countered by higher rents, low-down payment landlords would rather walk away than sell for a loss. Despite what you might have heard, the Federal Reserve's 12 moves to lift rates did not c...