Temporary wall solves remodeling question

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Q: I plan to convert a dining room into a bedroom for my son. This room has two large windows, facing west and north on two walls, and one wall has a built-in china cabinet. How can I cover up the north-facing window so I can attach shelf brackets or place furniture in front of it and still allow the condensation from the windows to evaporate? How can I make this a usable wall and not create a mold and mildew breeding ground? Eventually I will add on a room for him and return the room to its original design. A: You're right-on when you identify the potential problem. Moisture control to prevent a mold and mildew breeding ground is essential. Mold and mildew thrive in a warm, damp environment and sufficient airflow is critical to control the moisture created when your window sweats. A quick and "dirty" solution is to remove the glass from the window and cover the opening with plywood. This would give you a solid surface and eliminate concerns about mold, but it wouldn't do the curb a...