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Internet takes over universe

Diary of a real estate flipper

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NEW YORK -- A lot is happening in Flipperland – the home buyer I'm repping wants to put in a $2 million offer, and I hit an inflection point with my partners. But you'll have to wait a week for those stories, because everyone (including me) is in the middle of Real Estate Connect, a three-day conference at the Marriott in Times Square. And, you know, it's a conference – there are panels and networking and give-away pens and everyone is starting to run out of business cards and it's all very fun (excepting the 8 a.m. start time). In the middle of this swirl, it looks like the Internet is going to take over the universe. You've got people from this dot-com and that dot-com. Rich Barton of Zillow is here, he's got $32 million and 75 employees, no one even knows what he does yet. (Doesn't that smack of the early '90s? He quoted one of his friends as saying, "it's a pity you have to launch in beta.") I talked to a lot of brokers about this, and Sally Daley of sa...