Sewage fiasco casts doubt on home seller’s honesty

Neighbors can likely prove seller knew of problems

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DEAR BOB: My husband and I have a huge problem with our new home we bought about two months ago. On the very first night in our home, the sewer backed up and flooded the basement with raw sewage. We checked the seller's written disclosure form and it did not reveal any sewer problems. Then we talked with the neighbors and they told us the former owner had frequent sewer problems and they remember seeing the Roto-Rooter truck in the driveway frequently. The company we called charged us $750 to get the sewer working. But after running a camera down the pipe, they found the sewer pipe was completely broken. Our front yard had to be dug up and the pipe replaced at a cost of $4,000. Complicating matters is our 4-year-old daughter had just been diagnosed with leukemia. She has virtually no immune system and needs to be in a germ-free environment. My husband presented the $750 sewer bill to the seller. He laughed at us. The real estate brokerage, representing both seller and buyer, was of no ...