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Real estate agents may lose BlackBerries

Lawsuit could shut down popular mobile devices

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Las Vegas Realtor Gayle Brandt spent all day Wednesday laboriously copying voluminous files from her BlackBerry to her personal computer thanks to a lawsuit. And she isn't happy about it. Brandt and other BlackBerry-addicted agents are caught in the crossfire of a legal action against Research in Motion, the company that created the popular mobile device. Virginia-based NTP is suing RIM for allegedly using some of its patented technology, and could shut down the approximately 4 million Blackberries used nationally if granted an injunction by the court. "I would be up a creek if my BlackBerry shuts down," said Brandt. Like many agents, Brandt uses the device, which has a small keyboard that replicates that of a PC, for getting leads in the field, as well as communicating with clients and prospects via e-mail. But Brandt also stores escrow numbers, names of escrow officers and closing dates for all her properties on her Blackberry. "I'm really hoping and praying they resolve this. I ca...