Caulking gun a necessity for a complete workbench

Pay a little more to get a high-quality tool

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Check out the shelves at any home center or hardware store, and you'll find quite a wide selection of materials available in those familiar long, slender tubes: caulking in different formulations and colors, sealants, roofing tar, and adhesives for dozens of applications. As different as the tubes are, they all have one thing in common. They all utilize the same simple, inexpensive tool to apply them with--the caulking gun. A caulking gun is an essential tool to have hanging at your home workbench. There are only a couple of types available, and they are inexpensive enough that it's worth paying a couple of bucks more and getting one from the upper end of the selection. Caulking guns are designed to cradle the tube in a half-round or open frame. They have a handle with a trigger, and the trigger advances a plunger mechanism to push the material out of the tube. There are two common tube sizes--10-ounce and one-quart--so there are two sizes of caulking guns as well. For most household u...