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PropertyRover opens property listings to the public

Site first launched in 2000 as subscription service for industry clients

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017, a real estate technology company that launched in the New York market in 2000, has cracked open its collection of for-sale property and rental information to the public. The free public version of the property listings information is an idea the company's founders had been toying with for some time, and the launch of other property search sites prompted them to action. "We've been working directly with the brokerage community," said Michael Sokolow, cofounder of PropertyRover. Laurence Ross is the company's other founder. The company first launched as a way to connect New York City real estate professionals. There was no multiple listing service operating in the area at that time, Sokolow said. "We are totally brokerage-friendly. We don't look to share commissions." PropertyRover has provided daily e-mail lists to its subscribers of new property listings, and subscribers also can receive a list of open houses in the New York City area. The company has concentrated o...