When creepy critters make your home their home

Signs of rodent infestations and how to get rid of them

Q: I suspect some sort of rodent has moved into my apartment. What should I do? A: From sea to shining sea and around the globe, rodents can be found foraging anywhere there's an ample supply of food, water and shelter. What should you do? First, confirm your suspicions by watching for classic signs of active rodent activity. According to the Citizens for New York City (, a non-profit advisory service, there are several signs of active rodent infestation. The most obvious is actually seeing the offending rodent. Usually found under the cover of darkness, a fleeting glimpse can present itself when a light is turned on. Another obvious sign of rodent activity is rodent droppings, which resemble black rice or dark pellets, often found under drawers or behind furniture. Rodents can be found in basements, attics and between the walls. Their favorite place to forage? Where they can find their favorite foods, including peanut butter, chocolate and cereals. Nuts ...