Costco parking, restrooms spark lawsuit from unhappy customer

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Tony Harris is a paraparetic (someone with partial paralysis of lower extremities). He uses a wheelchair for mobility. While visiting his brother, 600 miles away from his home, Harris joined the local Costco Warehouse Club. He alleged he was unable to find a vacant handicapped parking space at Costco so he had to park his car in a general parking space at some distance from the store. Harris claimed difficulty navigating his wheelchair from the distant parking space. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Harris also alleged Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations for inadequate restroom access, an ATM card reader at the checkout counter that was too high, and inaccessible gasoline pumps. He sued Costco for damages due to the alleged ADA violations. If you were the judge, would you rule Costco must provide handicapped parking spaces at all times for handicapped customers? The judge said no! The evidence shows Costco provides an adequate number of handicapped parking spaces, based ...