Gas furnace options make homeowner’s head spin

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Q: I need to replace my gas furnace. I have had four companies out, and each has suggested something different. What is your advice? -Dick B. A: All heating contractors are naturally going to suggest the brand that they carry, and quite honestly, any of the nationally recognized brands of gas furnaces will give you good service. Here are some general suggestions: Have an energy audit done on your home, including an evaluation of your existing windows, insulation levels and other factors. This will help you determine the proper size of furnace, and also where you can make some changes or repairs to your home to help conserve energy. The utility company where you purchase your natural gas should be able to provide this service, and is also a great source of contractor referrals and impartial furnace information. Look for a furnace with a high energy-efficiency rating and a solid warranty on all parts, including the heat exchanger. Select a local heating contractor who specializes in th...