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San Francisco, meet Curbed

Real estate blog expands from New York roots

Curbed SF, an offshoot of popular New York real estate blog, has arrived. It's all part of a plan to kick the Curbed concept around to other communities across the country. Four months ago the folks at launched Curbed LA, a Los Angeles-focused blog that follows in the witty, sometimes satirical, often insightful, and largely gossipy style of the original Curbed blog. The San Francisco site,, which went live today, was in development for several months and is written by San Francisco residents Philip Ferrato and Alison Laichter, according to national editor Josh Albertson. The site description: "From the Golden Gate to Twin Peaks to The Mission, San Franciscans are all about their neighborhoods, real estate, and their unique sense of what it means to live in this city." Among some recent topics addressed in the upstart San Francisco-branded Curbed site: A taco truck named "La Pachanguerra," a $1.6 million house with one bedroom, a ...