Determining best wet/dry vacuum for your home

9 key features to look for when shopping

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Whether you're faced with a mountain of fresh sawdust or a lake of freshly spilled water, the tool you're going to reach for is the wet/dry canister vacuum. Also commonly known as shop vacuums, these handy workhorses are found in garages, shops and homes everywhere. They're also found in stores everywhere, in dozens of sizes, styles and price ranges, which can make selecting the best one for your particular home seem like a daunting task. So before your next shopping trip, use the following list to decide on what's really important, and you should be able to narrow the field down pretty quickly. Capacity: Probably your first decision is how big of a vacuum you need. Wet/dry vacuums are sized by gallons of tank capacity, ranging from 2 to 16 gallons. The smaller models are typically carried by hand and are great for vacuuming out the car or an occasional job in the living room, while the larger ones are castor-mounted for easy mobility and are much better suited to workshop and jobsite ...