Best way to sell a ‘difficult house’

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DEAR BOB: We own a home in a popular vacation area, but it is only a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house. However, it is in a very good location and is in tip-top condition. Last August we signed a 90-day listing with a superb realty agent. She warned us the average sales time in the market was about 150 days. We only received one "low-ball" purchase offer. The house has been off the market since our listing expired. We have talked with several other local realty agents and they all advise us the market has "slowed" in the last few months and two-bedroom houses are not in great demand. Although we don't have to sell fast, we want to sell because we rarely use the house. What would you do in our situation? --Daren W. DEAR DAREN: You own what is known among real estate agents as a "difficult house." Over the years, I've bought and sold my share of such residences, although I didn't know they would be a "difficult house" when I purchased. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. However, when I de...