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Realtor group launches MLS rule-compliance software

PolicyPage scans for MLS violations at member sites

The National Association of Realtors' technology center on Friday announced the launch of PolicyPage, an Internet compliance software application that scans Web sites for compliance with Multiple Listing System display policies. PolicyPage is available from the Center for Realtor Technology at no charge to Realtors for use or licensing of the application, according to the announcement. CRT developed PolicyPage to assist MLSs that review Web sites manually for compliance. "PolicyPage simplifies and speeds the review of members' Web sites, provides objective standards, can be tailored to local policies and includes NAR model rules for Internet display," according to the announcement. Mark Lesswing, NAR vice president and director of CRT, said in a statement that the program "reduces the burden of making sure member sites comply with MLS policy. The application does this in an automated fashion, supports multiple browsers used by members, and can be customized to local rules. It is able ...