Saving money by saving energy

Do-it-yourself tips on eliminating pesky drafts

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Saving energy and maintaining a more comfortable house is certainly a priority for all of us these days. But it might surprise you to realize that there are a number of small, inexpensive things you can do the help reduce those annoying drafts and equally annoying energy bills, all without breaking the bank in the process. --Get out the caulking: Caulking around the outside of your house is one of the easiest and most cost-effective things you can do to save energy. All it takes is a caulking gun, a few tubes of caulk, and a day's worth of effort, and you can really make a big difference. Use a good quality acrylic latex caulk in a compatible color, or just in white or clear if you want to paint it later. For large gaps or areas that are subject to a lot of movement, opt for the more flexible silicone caulk--if you want to paint it later, be sure and get a brand that specifically says it's paint-able. Apply caulking in the following areas: around exterior window frames, both where the ...