A garage door ‘to die for’

Manufacturers meet demand for fashion, convenience

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We've all heard about the "to die for" kitchen that impresses your friends and relatives. What about the "to die for" garage door? The very idea may make you fall out of your chair laughing, but the offerings of garage door companies have radically changed in the last 10 years, moving from the ho hum to the quite fabulous. Garage doors now run the gamut from stark contemporary -- the entire door is tempered glass set in aluminum frames -- to French country. The most popular of the new doors is the carriage house look. It's compatible with almost any traditional style of house. Even better, when it's closed, it appears to be a pair of carriage house doors that swing out, not a big blank area on the front of your house. A wider, 16-by-7-foot door -- the standard size for a two-car garage -- appears to be two pairs of carriage house doors. You can also customize a carriage house door to a remarkable degree by adding varying sizes and shapes of windows, trim pieces, bucks (from the street...