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Overhauling home-selling techniques

Guest perspective: They know how to sell homes in Denver and Austin

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Thus far in 2006, new-home sales per community are down in comparison to prior years in most markets around the country. Salespeople around the country can learn from the salespeople in Denver and Austin, Texas. Sales professionals in these two cities are generally the best in the country simply because they have been forced to become excellent or find another profession. The housing market has been very competitive in Denver and Austin for the last four years and more. Austin Case Study: The best salesperson I have ever encountered works for KB Home in Austin, a market where conditions have been soft for years. I told her I was doing research on the market but, since she had nothing else to do, she took me through the spotless model homes. She pointed out the features of the very basic home that buyers found popular. She found out I had a brother who was considering moving out of California and asked if he would ever consider Austin. She knew, from memory, the lot-by-lot pricing of t...