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New referral company stirs complaints in Seattle market

Offers flat-fee real estate services, buyer discounts

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Progressive Homesellers, a Seattle-based flat-fee real estate referral network, stirred up the local real estate market with its unlicensed emergence last year. Complaints prompted the state's licensing agency to issue a subpoena to Progressive Homesellers that asked for the names of agents in the network, and Progressive Homesellers offered up the name of Michael Patrick Luckett, who was then working as an agent at Coldwell Banker Danforth & Associates. Luckett later left that brokerage to serve as a real estate broker for Progressive Homesellers, which reopened as a licensed real estate company in January. Since then, the company reported that it was threatened with a lawsuit by Coldwell Banker Bain – a large brokerage company with several offices in Washington – over its marketing tactics. Progressive Homesellers issued a public announcement on March 23 on the topic: "Coldwell Banker Bain, one of Washington state's largest residential real estate brokerages, has th...