Real estate capital gain impacts home-business deduction

Feds seek maximum recapture on detached offices

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If you have turned the family den into a home office -- via a complex remodel or by simple paint and wall covering -- you are not alone. Since 1990, the number of telecommuters has grown at a rate of 15 percent a year mainly because of the convenience, tax and selling advantages. In the days leading up to this year's April 17 federal tax deadline (April 15 falls on a Saturday so the deadline is extended to the next business day) let's check some of the reasons why working at home continues to make sense while there might be a recapture sting when you eventually sell. It's now relatively easy for taxpayers to deduct the cost of a home office. To qualify for a deduction, the space must be used exclusively and on a regular basis for either the entire business or its administrative and management activities. The management provision was added in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. It enables a home-office deduction to be available for any trade or business of the taxpayer as long as there is...