Duct tape disappoints as home-improvement cure-all

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All right, prepare to have your entire home-improvement world shattered. Ready? Duct tape isn't for everything. In fact, duct tape isn't even particularly good for sealing ducts. However, its use for repairs and other home-improvement projects has reached almost mythical proportions, to the point that many things are being fixed and sealed with duct tape that really shouldn't be. There are lots of other tapes on the market that work much better for specific applications, and it pays to know which one is which. Duct Tape: This is a cloth-backed tape with a rubber-type adhesive originated during World War II, and was used by the military for emergency repairs of many different types. The movie industry uses it for just about everything as well, where it goes by the name of "gaffer's tape." In use on ductwork, however, the heat from the ducts appears to affect the adhesive over time, causing it to lose its grip. It's also not particularly good for securing things in long-term storage-...