New DVDs showcase green building at its simplest

Recycled materials, renewable energy aim to inspire

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If you will sit for several hours to read a book about home building, will you sit for several hours to watch a book-length DVD on the subject? After watching "Building with Awareness" and "Green Building," two DVD offerings from New Society Press, I would say yes. In fact, I predict that DVDs will make an important and instructive contribution to the education of both home builders and homeowners because so many aspects of home building can be confusing when reduced to words but straightforward when you can see them. "Building With Awareness: The Construction of a Hybrid Home," is the work of Ted Owens, who is both a filmmaker and a designer. For the viewer it is a happy combination. Not only does Owens know his subject well, but he also knows how to present it in a way that will capture his audience and hold its attention for the two hours and 42 minutes running time of his DVD. As Owens takes you through the design and construction of a strawbale solar-powered house that he built ...