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Bubble? What Bubble?

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Editor's note: Though experts are divided over what the next 90 days may bring for the housing market as a whole, they all agree on one point: Each region of the nation has its own unique set of circumstances, and how those factors shape the attitudes of home buyers and sellers over the next several weeks will also help to decide how local home sales and prices will fare through the rest of this year and beyond. This four-part series looks at regional trends that are emerging as the peak spring home-buying season gets under way. While talk of a "housing bubble" has reached a crescendo in many parts of the nation, the topic barely rates a whisper across the Midwest. That's because, in most Heartland markets, there's simply no bubble to burst. "We haven't seen those types of wild increases that people in Florida and California saw over the last several years, so we're not really in a position where prices could come crashing to the ground," says Joe Banyai, a Michigan real estate broke...