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Tech co. announces new version of real estate panorama tool

Software builds panoramas, virtual tours from hand-held camera images

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A Web imaging company, 3cim Inc., announced the launch of a new virtual tour creation software called PanoramaBuilder 7.0 that allows real estate agents, consumers and photographers to create panoramas with a hand-held digital camera and no tripod. The software "stitches" multiple photographs together into a panorama. "With PB7, we've taken the complexity of shooting, building and publishing panorama Virtual Tours out of the process," said Steve Sorich, chief operating officer at 3cim, in a statement. "It used to be that in order to photograph panoramas, it required a tripod and panoramic head. In addition, it also required learning complicated and time-consuming photography techniques and panorama 'stitching' programs, which often produced low quality results. "PB7 is the first stitching program which allows anyone to shoot panoramas hand-held without a tripod and produces high quality results without 'fish-eye' distortion," according to the announcement. PB7 can stitch images togethe...