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Colorado lawmakers ponder meth lab disclosure bill

Real estate sellers would have to tell buyers

A bill requiring home sellers to disclose if their property has been used as a methamphetamine laboratory and giving purchasers the right to sue for damages is making its way through the Colorado legislature. State Senate Bill 06-002, sponsored by Sen. Brandon Shaffer, says that a buyer has the right to test the property using a certified industrial hygienist to see if it has been used as a meth lab. If the property was indeed used for the purpose, the seller must remedy environmental problems in the house caused by the lab, the bill provides. "We respect the severity of the issue and we are not taking a stand one way or the other which direction this should take," said Kit Cowperthwaite, president elect of the Colorado Association of Realtors. "Realtors are strong advocates of helping consumers locate safe and affordable homes and so as a results we take these issues very seriously," he added. The rising use of methamphetamine in Colorado and its costly impact on local and state serv...